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Finding Maegan was literally a Godsend to me. I was struggling to make sense of how all of the different facets of my business could work together and she entered in and not only helped me make sense of them but helped them all soar. She is literally a renaissance woman in her ability to tackle any project with ease, class and grace. She also has such a wonderful heart, which for me is a necessary component in any great Online Business Manager. I find that Maegan has become an integral part of my business and I never want to be without her again!

Heather Regan, MA, LPC, NCC



From the moment Maegan became my assistant, she recognized my severe lack of understanding about marketing and social media. My company had only been selling books for a few months and she was acutely aware of the challenge before her.

  • Maegan shifted us from selling books on my website to joining Amazon. She navigated us through that transition and continues to oversee our relationship with Amazon.
  • Maegan redesigned my website to be more user-friendly and continues to manage the website.
  • Maegan edits everything that I write for my website and social media to make it more appealing to moms and has taken me from “professor Metten” to Dr. M, a friend of kids and parents.
  • Maegan is supportive and creative with all of my last minute requests as opportunities present themselves.
  • Maegan has organized the launch of each of my books and provides day-by-day expectations for me and for her.
  • Maegan’s background in anatomy is a real plus for my company. She provides expert feedback on my books as I write them and also any material that I produce for social media, my website and presentations.
  • Maegan oversees the production and editing of videos for my website and social medial.
  • Maegan keeps her hand on the pulse of the company and provides input as to marketing changes that can enhance growth.

Most importantly, Maegan and I have become a team. I feel like the success of my company is as important to her as it is to me. A new business has many challenges. Maegan has been patient and inspiring on the good and the tough days. I have had many administrative assistants through the years but having an assistant and business manager, if she is Maegan Elliott, is very different. She is there for me and that makes all the difference for my success and my wellbeing.

shelleyHeadshotNEW smDr. Shelley Metten, author and founder, Anatomy For Kids





Maegan has helped me really understand the ins and outs of running social media advertising. She helped me build an online course, created amazing email campaigns and ads, and made parts of my website run smoother and more effectively. She is an expert at helping you get visible in front of your target market. Maegan was always there when I needed to ask questions or needed help.

My biggest fear was that I would waste money but that did not happen. What I learned from Maegan was priceless and she also helped me do so many things for my business that I put off.

I would say that if you need help with your social media presence, want to create a badass digital course or email campaign Maegan is your girl!

Kerissa Kuis, WCP, HHC, MBA
International Business Consultant


Maegan has been my virtual assistant for the past year, and I’ve come to rely on her for so much more than just what a typical VA does. She has helped me create a plan for my business, get organized, stay on top of my client work, overhaul my website, create and distribute a regular newsletter, launch a webinar and, most importantly, keep me sane when I get overwhelmed! I could not have achieved the progress in my business without Maegan’s help. She has been there for me every step of the way and now she is growing into the role of my online business manager. I’m thrilled to have her as a member of my team and her commitment to my business success! She truly is Virtually Awesome!

virtual awesome

 Nancy Monson, owner Everyday Spirituality and Leadership Alignment Consulting Group
www.EverydaySpirituality.com & www.LeadershipAlignmentCG.com





It’s hard to find that special person that can quickly jump in and take action as if they’ve been part of the team for a long time. That was our experience with Maegan from the moment she started working with us. Providing a sense of relief that things would be taken care of was essential to us and she fulfilled beyond what was expected. I highly recommend Maegan Elliott as an incredible asset.

Summer Felix, co-founder of The Draw Shop, LLC.Virtual Awesome




There are many wonderful things about working with Maegan, but one of the tops is her ability to think strategically. She is a great thought partner taking into consideration business objectives, budget, capacity and current offers.  She is excellent at pointing out obvious challenges and is grounded in what it will take to get there.  She happily cheers on great ideas, but is also realistic in what it takes to get there.  When I need to think ideas out and balance the pros and cons, she’s one of the first people that I reach out to.virtual awesome

  Jen Hibbits, partner Sunset Social Media Relations, Inc.




Maegan was instrumental in helping me grow my business in a dramatic way.  She provided systems that created more ease and flow in my business which resulted in increased revenues. I felt like she was the wind underneath my sails that enabled me to focus on building my business, delivering my programs and developing content. Maegan was also really great at being able to see what was coming up and offer a plan to have my coming events be successful. I am eternally grateful for Maegan in helping me bring my business to that next level of growth. Rita_Hov_083 Sq-150

Rita Hovakimian, owner Inspiring Success, Inc.