Project Implementation Services

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project implementation Services

What’s that you say? You need help actually DOING all the things for your project???

I know, that struggle is REAL! Many times, clients have the individual pieces set up – accounts created for the various parts – but then start to get stuck with getting it all to gel… know what I mean? I am happy to help you implement “all the things” by creating a custom package for you based on what your project entails.

Here’s a few of the types of things I can help with:

  • Integrating your opt in page with your website
  • Integrating your List Management system to your Leadpage
  • Integrating your eCommerce with your List Management system to automate as much as possible
  • Configuring your autoresponders and follow up emails to nurture your new friends

Something here sound like what you need help with?
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I'm Interested!

One of the big things I get asked to help with often is Webinar Set Up. So much so, I created a Webinar Preparation Package to help with that.

Learn more here >> Webinar Wizardry.