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You have that project coming up – the super awesome one! The day is fast approaching (or passed) when you need to be moving on this so it gets out on time. Then you need to still promote it, nail down the logistics of delivery, and make sure your customers are spoiled rotten!

These are just some of the things that may be on your checklist:

  • Figure out which big idea to do first
  • Line up the sales model – how do your ideas fit together and get to the customer
  • Clarify your target client or customer
  • Create list building tools with great value
  • Get All The Things to be online so people can find and buy or get them
  • Figure out how to use different forms of media (audio or video) to help spread your message
  • Which social platforms might be best for me, or turn up the volume on what I have now
  • Create a schedule of communication for topics I want share with my community and foster my love for them!

That is a LOT of moving parts. And, frankly, overwhelming.

But so necessary! By developing clear pictures of who your prime customers or clients are and laying a strong foundation to operate from, your platform and marketing can be built to enable those customers or clients to get to know you while supporting their decision making process to conclude you are the solution to meet their needs.

Then using those pictures and setting clear goals for your business, we can put the tools in place to support those goals.

I know… your head is about to explode. I understand.

Here’s how I can help!


Strategy Kickstarter

This kickstarter allows you to run through your idea, figure out what steps you need to take, and in what order, to get your project off the ground. We can discuss your marketing plan, logistics, and how to be sure this project is set up for long-term success.

Here’s what it looks like:

  1.  Schedule your Kickstarter with yours truly. When you do so, I’ll send you a short survey to
    find out the first couple bits about your project.
  2. Next will be our 1-hour hook up via phone, hangout or skype to brain dump and layout the
    exact challenges for the project of your dreams.
  3. After the call, I will send you the notes from what we talked about and what I call the “35,000 foot level”
    plan outline for getting you underway.

Investment: $250

Sound like this could be for you?
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