About Virtual Awesome & Maegan

Virtual AwesomeVirtual Awesome specializes in project management, and brings the HOW to the table to get stuff done for your platform development, content marketing needs and business processes. Maegan, owner and certified Online Business Manager, is a problem solver who likes to be able to see the big picture, but then can identify the steps needed to get things accomplished. Maegan is a 7, 7, 2, 3 on the Kolbe scale and an ESTJ in Myer-Briggs speak, if you’re into that sort of thing. Technology and Maegan are buddies, so she likes to use it and abuse it for the greater good.

Maegan holds a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University in Kinesiology (seriously), worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer for many years (totally), then found her way to a fulfilling career working remotely helping people grow their business and share their message.

Maegan is married to a wonderful husband and “moms” two amazing daughters. In her spare time, she taxis them around to soccer and other sporty extracurriculars. After that, she enjoys cooking, crafting, especially knitting and needlepoint, and painting, and relaxing with friends over a beer. Recently, she has added Roller Derby to her athletic pursuits.

She abandoned the mood-swing weather of the Midwest for the cool ocean breezes of San Diego, CA. Don’t be jealous.



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