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Where it’s at!

I got two turntables and a microphone.*

You have a message you want to share.

I have the skills that can help make that happen!


 Virtual Awesome specializes in

Those are fancy words for getting your online pieces in place so that you can spread your message effectively and efficiently (and have awesome results).

Online pieces usually include things like landing pages, opt in forms, blog postings, email newsletters and social media presence to name a few.

The strategic part means setting up a plan to reach whatever goal and objective you have. It could be to increase engagement, it could be to launch a new course, it might be to relaunch a course you already have – just better. The idea is that you have a goal in mind, and an idea of how to get there. I help with the how.

The management part means I can help you manage the whole project including the people, parts, budget and timeline. I will gladly partner with the vendors and team already in place! Should you need more resources, I bring a network of resources to the table to help with your business objectives.


This is the right place for you if:

      • You have a clear project (a webinar, a course, a campaign) in mind, but just aren’t sure of all the steps you need to take to get it off the ground.
      • You’ve started on your project, but are bogged down by all the back-end, technical pieces (that you didn’t realize there were so many of) or just ALL the work there is to do. You’re looking for someone with experience and knowledge that can help you navigate the waters!
      • You realize you can’t do it all for free. What I mean is, sometimes you have to pay for services or systems to optimize your efforts. If you have a budget in place, and are ready to execute, then I can help!
      • You like to have fun! Silly GIFs and quirky videos make your day, and you love carousing around Instagram for inspiration!
      • You aren’t afraid to be human in your business.
      • You enjoy using different types of media in your business, even if it’s new to you!


I love working with people who are passionate about serving others and
bringing amazing things into the world!
If this sounds like you, then shoot me an email and let’s party!



virtual awesome, maegan elliott, services, digital strategy, business management
here’s how i can help…


Strategy Kickstarter

You have a project coming up and the details are stating to get a little overwhelming. With the Strategy Kickstarter, we will review your project and help align the strategy to meet the goals.

Digital and Content Strategy

Whether it’s for a specific product launch, or staying in contact with your community, we can create a plan to help achieve your goals.

Project Implementation Services

When you need help executing the technical sides of your project, like a webinar or course.

Elite Level Stuff (Retainers)

For ongoing, continual support. You get my VIP attention with a dedicated number of hours per month.

*Lyrical Cred to Beck